Introducing the MMT Digital Agile Maturity Index

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Company, Industry

In this era of turbulence, where change feels like the only constant and even the most well-established companies battle for market share, the idea of an innovative, rapidly adaptive organisation is highly appealing to leaders. But as enticing as this vision may be, designing an agile transformation strategy and embedding it into a company, its people and its culture, is extremely challenging. Leaders often struggle to critique their current strategy, see where the opportunities for improvement exist, align teams and make the continuous decisions necessary to mature. As a result, many find it difficult to take their agile teams to the next level.

The MMT Digital Agile Maturity Index (AMI) gives leaders the clarity to turn that vision into a reality. Hosted on Temporall’s workplace insights platform Workbench, the AMI is a unique framework and measurement tool, created to help organisations assess the maturity of their agile transformation and maximise the benefits of digital development.

The AMI provides organisations – for the first time – access to state-in-time as well as real-time continuous insights into the performance, capabilities and effectiveness of their engineering teams via pulse surveys, third party integrations and intelligent listening to Slack channels.

Based on MMT Digital’s decades of practical experience, research of multiple agile frameworks and expert insight from the Temporall team, we have built the AMI around five foundational pillars of an agile organisation, which each have a set of micro attributes:

  • High performing teams
  • Process and Governance
  • Technology
  • Organisational agility
  • Culture of innovation
With a focus on improving innovation, speed to market and efficiency of output, MMT Digital will utilise the AMI to bring leaders clarity on how to harness opportunities and drive commercial success for the future. The AMI collates quantitative, qualitative data and sentiment analysis from an organisation’s teams to guide MMT Digital’s analysis, reporting and benchmarking. Over time the trend analysis will show where improvements are being made as well as the areas that still need further attention.

James Cannings, MMT Digital Co-Founder commented:

“Successfully delivering an agile transformation strategy is incredibly complex, but we help companies make sense of it. Delivering our Agile Maturity Index on Temporall’s Workbench platform has enabled us to bring an incredible product to market in a very short space of time. Workbench is a world-leading SaaS platform for ongoing insight creation, measurement and analysis of a company’s agile transformation. Any company that is serious about their digital transformation will benefit from the way it combines quantitative and qualitative data, AI-based sentiment analysis and an understanding of unstructured conversations within the organisation.”

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder adds:

“A company’s ability to successfully design and embed agile transformation has never been so critical. MMT’s Agile Maturity Index does just that, from strategy to measurement the index gives leaders the clarity to make the most informed decisions. The combination of the AMI and Workbench provides clients with a richness of insights not seen before and we are delighted that MMT have deployed the AMI on our platform as a Premium Partner”

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