Temporall welcomes Rune Bentien

by | May 28, 2020 | Company, Industry

Temporall welcomes Rune Bentien – Xoogler, Entrepreneur Investor, to the team as Director of Business Development.

We are pleased to introduce Rune, a Xoogler with a host of entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, to the Temporall team. Rune’s exceptional knowledge of technology trends, business development and advisory make him a defining character of the team and a very welcome member during this period of rapid growth for Temporall.

Here, Rune chats about his move into Temporall.

“The impact Temporall can have by helping our partners, organisations and end-users is significant. Even if you consider Moore’s Law dead, we are entering a new phase of technological development where A.I. and Machine Learning techniques are becoming increasingly efficient and more sophisticated. Simultaneously you have trends such as the general cloud adoption and remote working which are being catalyzed during states of lockdown across the world. Temporall is extremely well positioned to support business leaders address these ever-changing challenges and bring clarity to how work gets done with Workbench, our workplace insights platform.”

Photo Credit: EIA

Rune has continued to draw upon his experiences at Google throughout his career and recalls the most valuable lesson:

“Former Google Enterprise President Dave Girouard describes how speed is the defining characteristic of the leader in virtually every industry. Dave’s article Speed as a Habit is the single most important piece I share with entrepreneurs, and we pass that on to our clients allowing them to make better decisions in a timely manner.

This is one key reason why I joined Temporall – they move fast. In the last month or so, the internal team has grown, we have developed Workbench capabilities and have on-boarded a number of respected consultancy groups as Premium Partners, and there’s certainly more to come.”

“I know Thomas’ ability to put together a diverse group of people, make everybody perform well while also having fun together. This great team, the opportunity for us to grow and Temporall’s unique positioning within the space of Organisational Intelligence is hugely stimulating.”

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder says:

“Rune is joining Temporall at an extremely exciting time. We’re grateful to have another forward-thinking, dynamic team member who really cares about helping leaders navigate the changing world of business.”

Interested in talking to us about Workbench?

Contact us or visit our site www.temporall.com for more information.

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