Introducing TCC and Temporall Partnership

by | May 13, 2020 | Company, Industry, Product

Temporall is proud to announce its partnership with TCC, a leading financial services compliance specialist with a focus on transforming culture and conduct within the sector.

TCC is built on the fundamental belief that improving culture is the root to effective compliance and commercial success within financial services. An understanding which is echoed by the financial services conduct watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). But despite culture being so crucial to compliance and business sustainability, the industry has struggled to get to grips with how to identify culture, what to measure and how to track progression.

Our Premium Partnership will change this.

Developed using TCC’s regulatory expertise, we’re creating a bespoke index to be hosted on our workplace insights platform Workbench. Using proprietary software and A.I. techniques, the insights generated will provide financial services firms with unparalleled clarity on their company’s cultural landscape from both an organisational and regulatory perspective.

It is TCC’s use of this intelligence that will make the index so valuable. Drawing on the experience of its consultants, TCC will recommend improvements to clients’ conduct risk frameworks to build and maintain healthy cultures that put customers first, achieve compliance and drive commercial outcomes.

This year TCC has successfully moved into the Australian market where culture in financial services is garnering intense regulatory and media scrutiny. We, at Temporall, are thrilled to be partnering with the team at a time when the solution has global reach.

Mike Park TCC CEO says:

“Culture is root to success and thus is top of the agenda for all our clients. This platform will add immense value to the expert guidance we already supply by providing usable intelligence on a depth and scale the industry has never seen before. The partnership with Temporall is a welcome addition to our RegTech initiative that is driving our delivery of smarter and more effective services.”

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO & Founder adds:

“TCC is recognised as a leader in financial services compliance, the combination of its expertise and Workbench makes our Premium Partnership a perfect match and we’re delighted to have the team join our partner programme.”

To find out more about TCC and their services visit their website.

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