Ignium Consulting and Temporall extend Business Partnership

by | May 7, 2020 | Company, Industry, Product

Temporall are pleased to announce its extended Business Partnership with Ignium Consulting.

Ignium Consulting works with CEOs, Company Owners, Boards, Executive Teams and Senior Leaders to enhance leadership performance and enrich businesses. Implementing a mixture of leadership development, coaching and growth consultancy, Ignium Consulting seeks to identify key areas of strength, as well as those that need improvement, with particular concern for empowering people.

As a Temporall Business Partner, Ignium Consulting will use Temporall’s latest framework the Organisational Resilience Index (ORI) to help clients gain a deeper insight into their ability to withstand uncertainty and come back stronger. Whilst there are operational and financial elements to this, the most important – yet often overlooked – is the human side of resilience, which is therefore central to the ORI.

Using proprietary software, A.I. techniques, and hosted on Temporall’s insights platform Workbench, the ORI will allow the trade of partial knowledge for full organisational intelligence. As such, Ignium Consulting clients will have the clarity to make better informed decisions and build human resilience across the board, from the individual, to leadership and organisational level.

Kerry Jarred, Ignium Consulting Founder and Managing Director says:

“We are thrilled to be working with our alliance partner Temporall, to help our clients better understand the key factors which contribute to individual, leadership and organisational resilience, especially key during this time of uncertainty and disruption. Using a blend of digital analytics, interviews and virtual focus groups, we gather data from multiple sources and analyse the results to give leaders a full picture of the mindset, behaviours and actions that will improve their organisational resilience so that they can refocus their strategy and prioritise the right kind of development support for their people to re-imagine and re-build the future.”

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO adds:

“We are delighted to be partnershiping with Ignium Consulting. The combination of our offerings are perfectly aligned and our partnership will allow Ignium Consulting to provide clients with the clarity that modern leaders need to stay resilient during times of crisis and beyond.”

Read more about the ORI here and head to the Ignium Consulting website for information.

Interested in talking to us about Workbench? Contact us or visit our site www.temporall.com for more information.

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