Workplace by Facebook and Workbench. The integration unlocking value.

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Company, Partner

Temporall is proud to announce Workbench’s Certified integration with Workplace by Facebook. Unlock organisational value across your organisation with real-time insights utilising Temporall’s bot integration to Workplace.

One of Temporall’s core philosophies is that with partners, together, we can uncover high-impact insights. Temporall’s organisational insights platform, Workbench, helps clients create value by making better informed decisions. These insights span key areas such as corporate strategy, M&A, digital transformation, culture and compliance, or how to operate with greater speed and purpose.

Making work better: Workplace combines next-generation technology and easy-to-use features to transform communications, culture and workflows inside organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries. Together Workbench and Workplace by Facebook provide critical data and insights in real-time from across your company to unlock value from your people, teams and systems.

Our certified integration between Workbench and Workplace is now officially available in Workplace’s Integrations Directory, under Analytics providers. With your organisation’s license for Workplace, you can activate the integration from within Workbench to any users and or channels, any time in any place across your enterprise.

This integration securely captures real-time end-user feedback through Temporall’s Certified Bot (shown above). It then provides valuable recommendations for improvement directly from Workplace Chat. Now organisations can engage and gather insights and ideas from across the business via Workplace. 

Workbench, intelligent insights, informed decision making

Our organisational insights platform, Workbench, uncovers and unlocks high-impact insights and helps our clients make better decisions. We take quantitative, qualitative, sentiment and network analysis data from across an organisation. By using analytics, machine learning, dashboards, and reporting Workbench provides deep organisational intelligence. Workbench has end-to-end encryption and is fully GDPR compliant.

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