Introducing Temporall and MMT Digital Partnership

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Company, Partner

A partnership to unlock real-time enterprise organisational intelligence

Temporall is proud to announce its partnership with MMT Digital, together, helping clients unlock critical organisational insights to help change their world of work.

We hold a belief that for organisations to take advantage and hold a competitive edge in the coming decade, they will need to develop the capacity to access and use organisational intelligence across their enterprise.

MMT Digital, Temporall’s integration partner and a technical consultancy specialising in the delivery of effective digital solutions, will be delivering projects utilising Temporall’s organisational insights platform Workbench. These projects will support customers to uncover insights you need to undertake strategy planning, to understand your digital or innovation capabilities, or to build integrations to allow for real-time sentiment analysis for example.

As an Integration Partner, MMT Digital can integrate Workbench with a client’s existing technology stack and develop data extraction integrations from in situ enterprise systems. MMT Digital are experts in combining deep technical expertise with a customer-first, evidence-driven approach to devise and deliver the optimal digital strategy. 

James Cannings Co-founder of MMT Digital, adds,

What’s exciting for MMT Digital is the value that we can deliver to the large enterprise market from Temporall’s organisational insights platform. As a Temporall Integration Partner, we’re able support clients in the integration of Workbench with internal and external data sources that will help drive these key insights through the platform for executive teams.”

Temporall CEO Thomas Davies adds,

James Cannings Co-founder of MMT Digital, adds,

MMT Digital’s core philosophy of driving faster digital change is perfectly aligned with our vision to help clients change their world of work. MMT’s deep expertise in enterprise data analytics and Machine Learning, systems integration and helping their clients deliver an optimal digital strategy is a great match for Temporall. We are delighted that MMT Digital is joining our partner programme.

To begin driving faster digital change and uncovering organisational insights, contact MMT Digital at or Temporall at

Workbench, Intelligent insights, informed decision making

Our organisational insights platform, Workbench, uncovers and unlocks high-impact insights and helps our clients make better decisions. We take quantitative, qualitative, sentiment and network analysis data from across an organisation and using analytics, machine learning, dashboards, and reporting to provide deep organisational intelligence.

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