Temporall Manager Index: Identifying behaviours that shape successful Workplace Culture

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Company, Product

The Temporall Manager Index, is the newest index available within Culture Workbench. It is dedicated to identifying and assessing the ‘gold standard’ managerial behaviours and attitudes that shape and sustain a high performance workplace culture.  
What makes managers so important?

While senior leaders set the tone for an organisation’s culture, Managers shape it through their day-to-day interactions. They carry out the vital role of executing the vision and making it meaningful for all employees, and are therefore uniquely positioned not only to represent the culture, but to affect it. Through their everyday activities, interactions and habits, they inevitably become cultural role models – intentionally or not.

How do you create high performing manager?

Is there a set of attributes all outstanding managers have in common? 

How does an organisation harness the power of their outstanding and influential managers?

And what can be done to best identify and support those managers that need help?

Temporall’s Manager Index addresses these questions and give insights about what top managers do, how they drive high performance in the organisation, and what makes them standout. Additionally, Manager Index is centred on the capabilities that ensure managers are resilient, “future fit” and agile in a world of constant change. In particular, we keep a strong emphasis on the challenges of digital transformation, a pivotal point for any organisation aiming to stay current.

Pillars that make a difference

We have identified 4 pillars that make the difference: 

How do managers lead?
How do managers develop talent? 
How do managers execute and get work done? 
How do managers nurture people?

“The Manager Index is useful because it focuses on the key attributes of adaptability required for managers to navigate change successfully. Middle managers can be the biggest blockers to transformation programs landing successfully – especially when they haven’t been involved in the decisions leading up to the change.” 

— Kim Wylie, Global Director of People Development at Farfetch

We have developed this index using insights from the most up to date research which enables us to capture the practical aspects of how managers make their teams think, feel, relate to one-another and perform as teams. Together these key behaviours affect team members and dynamics that make culture come alive while also driving performance. Our focus on practices and measurable outcomes enables us to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of managers in order to support them where they need it the most. 

“Most managers believe they manage with care and with positive intent, yet the reality and pressures of performance targets and the day-to-day often overwhelm even the most capable managers. As a consequence, culture often comes last.” 

— Ellen Miller, Executive Leadership Coach at London Business School 

How to improve manager performance? Our recommendations library!

We don’t stop at the strengths and weakness gap analysis.  The Manager Index comes with a recommendation library that enables managers to take a “deep dive” into the possible root causes of low performance. Temporall provides managers with open questions to reflect on situations, generate their own hypotheses and ideas for development. Our aim goes beyond measuring performance, we hope to empower managers to find their own methods to drive change and performance forward and raise the culture’s standard. 


Insights from the Manager Index helps organisations: 

Understand their managers’ influence in shaping culture and performance 
Utilise a new framework to guide and rethink what it means to lead in the 21st century 
Provide a comprehensive analysis of managers’ strengths and weaknesses 
Identify a clear and practical set of recommendations to improve where it is most relevant 
Have a clear course of action to implement change 
Facilitate the process of engaging in new behaviours
Create new mindsets and beliefs 
Begin the potential for KPI integration to quantify the impact and follow progress 
Learn what skills and attributes the very best managers in their organisation do
Get Started

The Manager Index is available as part of our Premium product tier. For more information get in touch or visit the products page.

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