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by | Jul 8, 2019

Announcing Starter Pack, Temporall’s 60 Day Organisational Insights offering. From the big picture to detailed recommendations, we join the data dots to identify the insights that will drive the biggest impact, for you and your organisation.

What is Starter Pack?

Starter Pack is Temporall’s 60 day managed service providing companies an opportunity to start to measure the impact of culture on their organisation.  Using Culture Workbench, Temporall’s organisational insights platform, this introduction package allows organisations to garner insights into up to 450 of their employees to begin to unlock deep and meaningful insights into how culture is impacting their business. 

What value will it bring to my organisation?

Know your business: Diagnose and calibrate your organisational culture in the context of your business strategy with the industry leading Organisational Index and Manager Index frameworks.

Make better decisions: Support strategic decisions with detailed insights into strengths, barriers to transformation and key trends. Develop culture as a strategy to deliver competitive advantage.

Measure impact: Rigorously measure the impact of organisational performance as in other areas of the business, such as sales, supply chain and customer insight with measurable, real-time metrics.

Stay informed: Generate and gather continuous insight about your organisation through a range of easy, integrated technology channels, at scale and at pace. 

What is included?

Terms such as workplace culture and organisational health are becoming more and more commonplace in boardrooms as companies begin to realise that in a highly competitive marketplace, culture can provide an advantage. We want to bring incisive and meaningful organisational insights to C-Suite at an affordable price and deliver value and impact fast.

Included in Starter Pack:

  • 60 Day Managed License
  • Up to 450 employees
  • Supported by Temporall Project Management and Analyst
  • Executive Insights Report

How to do I buy Starter Pack for my organisation?

Please get in touch! Email us at or fill out the form here

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