Temporall welcomes Behavioural Scientist, Laurie Parma to the team

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Company, People

Behavioural Scientist Laurie Parma joins the ever-growing Temporall team of experts.

The Temporall team of experts is thrilled to welcome Laurie Parma.  Laurie is a neuropsychologist and specialises in the science of well being. By joining Temporall’s team of experts, her aim is to leverage the power of behavioural science to enable people and organisations to thrive in a world of perpetual transformation.

Laurie said, “What stood out to me about Temporall was how the team are developing tools to deliver unique insights for organisations. I’m interested in biology and neuroscience at a molecular level, but what’s really interesting is embedding the science of well being at a population level. For example, understanding the link between subjective everyday experiences and behaviour, and high performance cultures. How do we have an impact? My role is to help companies understand that their organisations are a system and that culture is at its core.

Utilising Behavioural Cognitive Science to Understand Organisational Culture

“I’m focused on designing the indexes that sit within the primary Temporall platform, Culture Workbench, using behavioural cognitive science. And we have to ask hard questions in order to get the desired insights that really make a difference. Leadership is so important for transformation, but what makes an incredible leader in the 21st century? What do they do and how do they interact with people? And what does it mean to be transitioning to digital? What are the key indicators and factors that go into making transformation and management a success?

“But these are questions that no one has been measuring or crucially, measuring a company’s readiness for. We need to pin down the essence of leading through transformation. We need to ask about an organisation as a network, about informal influencers and understand who could be great change makers. This isn’t based on an organisation chart. It’s trust, using a “for the people, by the people” approach to initiate change.

“We are measuring human attributes, understanding emotional intelligence, and high levels of trust and integrity. Culture isn’t just performance driving, it’s fostering a safe environment where people can thrive so that it’s good for the people and not just for those at the top.

“Our behaviours impact mental health in the workplace. A healthy culture encourages people to thrive not on stress or threat of burning out.

“A culture that optimises a collective intelligence is the ultimate. Organisations are changing the world indirectly through their culture and we need more environments that play to the advantage of their people. It’s easy to live by high standards when it’s embedded in the environment.”

Cognitive Skills Enabling High Performing Culture

Thomas Davies, Temporall founder and CEO, said “With Laurie’s strong focus on the neuropsychology of change we had a natural role for her. She’s helping organisations understand the cognitive skills, emotional intelligence and deep sense of purpose which enable people to perform at their best. We are so pleased to welcome her to the team as we continue to build out our network of partners.”

You can read more about Laurie’s career as a Behavioural Scientist in her biography here.

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