Ellen Miller joins the Temporall team as Executive Advisor

by | May 23, 2019

Temporall is proud to announce the arrival of Ellen Miller as Executive Advisor.

Ellen’s background in coaching, facilitation and leadership has been influenced by her time in Finance and Higher Education over a 35-year career, bringing a unique depth of expertise to the team.

She has a strong affiliation with London Business School (LBS), initially within the Organisational Behaviour Department to bridge theory and practice for the Centre for Women in Business, and in support of her passion and commitment to seeing women achieve better representation in leadership positions.

Maximising Organisational Health

At Temporall,  Ellen will be working with clients to maximise the impact of Culture Workbench on organisational health and will be responsible for leading strategic account engagement and client-delivery.

Ellen said, “I was drawn to Temporall because I’m passionate about creating organisational cultures that are open and inclusive, acting to promote innovation and creativity and allowing people to be the best they can be at work.”

Successful businesses need to identify talent, nurture it and encourage people to develop, learn and use their strengths.

Developing Culture

But you can’t help people advance and develop if a culture is not supportive and embracing of a broad talent pool. An organisation needs to understand how they are performing on a continuous basis. Temporall is combining the best of tech with the best team of people who understand behavioural science. It’s a wonderful combination of talent who  have come together to advise and provide organisations with the necessary tools to monitor and improve their businesses and support with digital transformation.”

“Companies today are at a critical juncture in their approaches to ways of working. They have access to tools that allow senior managers to understand the benefits of culture and we’re seeing a paradigm shift in the world of work as we know it.”

Thomas Davies, Temporall founder and CEO, said “Ellen’s expertise in working with such an impressive range of organisations and business schools on executive and non-executive leadership, talent development and corporate governance made her an ideal extension to the team. I’m delighted to welcome her and know that she will be a real asset as we move into our next exciting phase.”

You can read more about Ellen’s career in her bio here

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