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by | Apr 5, 2019 | Company

We’ve done so much in two years. But as we announce the general availability of Culture Workbench, our new partnerships with Google Cloud, Workplace by Facebook and Slack and our newly expanded team, the best is yet to come for Temporall at two.

Temporall’s second birthday is fast approaching, and as the final lick of paint dries at our brand new London office, I wanted to pause and reflect on what we’ve done and where we’re going next.

Our platform Workbench is now available in nine languages. It’s accompanying app is due to be released on Android and iOS in three months. These launches means Temporall is poised to completely disrupt cultural analytics and make a high-performance culture available to everyone.

Being world-class has always underpinned who we are and what we do, and this is what makes me proudest of what our team has achieved in just two years.

The secret to our industry-beating capabilities has three dimensions:

1. A world-class enterprise platform

We’ve developed Workbench: a world-class platform that uses cultural analytics and Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) to unlock a high-performance workplace for everyone.

By identifying personal attributes, company processes, informal structures and ‘local heroes’ in an organisation, our technology allows executive teams to develop, sustain and measure a digital, high-performance culture like never before.

Building a platform with these capabilities has been a phenomenal achievement. That our tech team was able to build it in just over a year is nothing short of extraordinary.

Which leads directly to…      

2. A world-class team

It’s been a joy to spend the last two years working with such a talented and naturally adaptive group of people. The Temporall team is packed with organisational and behavioural science experts, neuroscientists and technologists from some of the world’s most prestigious companies and non-profits, including Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Accenture, London Business School and The Open Data Centre Alliance.

The passion, dedication and achievements of the people who make up Temporall are, after my kids, the thing I’m most proud of in the last two years. The role of CEO is becoming increasingly complex in all industries, but my team has relieved so many of those leadership challenges by pulling together to create our own high-performance culture. It’s wonderful to work in that environment that it makes me even more determined to use our technology to share the experience with other leaders.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do, with the help of…

3. Our world-class partners

Our growing technology partner ecosystem already includes Google Cloud, Workplace by Facebook and Slack. Collaborating with these extraordinary companies is enabling us to create solutions which integrate our technology seamlessly into people’s working routines, so that the Culture Workbench receives the signals needed to measure culture in a way that’s easy and non-disruptive for everyone.

By meeting people where they are, on the platforms they are already using, we can get rid of long, time-consuming surveys altogether. When we replace them with opportunities for daily conversation that pop up as people are working, it helps to beat survey-fatigue once and for all.

Looking to the future

These three world-class qualities are what makes the Temporall difference, and as we move into our third year I’m certain they are what will drive us forward onto even bigger and better things.

What does the future hold? Our 2021 vision is to expand our technology so it doesn’t just tackle culture, but moves into organisational health as well. We’re continuing to expand our partner ecosystem and using our expertise in organisational science and executive coaching to develop our high-performance manager index.  

With all this and more in the pipeline, the future looks exciting, and I am truly looking forward to the next stage of Temporall’s journey: I can’t wait to see what we’ve achieved by our fourth birthday.

But of course, everything we do at Temporall is centred not around us, but our clients. We would love feedback on our product and whether you would find it useful, or new features you would like to see. If you want to use your culture to improve your business’s performance or support your digital transformation then get in touch, because we want to support you.

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