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by | Apr 3, 2019 | Company, Partner, People

Temporall measures company culture so that leaders can create healthy organisations and high-performing workplaces. As we turn two, I reflect on our exceptional team and the way they’ve aligned behind our vision to help clients revolutionise their organisational health.

“As a company that helps our clients create high-performing digital cultures by getting to the core of their companies’ DNA, we also think a lot about who we are and how we work.”

For me, the distinguishing feature of  Temporall is the calibre of people who are working to deliver our company vision. Our company DNA is curious, creative and courageous, and this is how we drive results for our clients.

Designer DNA

Revolutionising organisational health begins with our culture analytics platform, Workbench, designed by a team of world-class technology experts including Correy Voo and Xen Lategan. They share broad industry experience in businesses and non-profit organisations, ranging from Google, Microsoft, and the Open Data Centre Alliance to Bank of America, BT and Accenture. Their input has ensured that the platform is built on a foundational understanding of the complexities of different types of businesses, organisational approaches and forward-thinking technology practices. Additionally, they are also both driven to be creative in the products they build, and to be brave and push the boundaries of the possible.

Our Director of Expert Services, Elen Davies, brings decades of psychodynamic and humanistic coaching experience to support our clients through the practical shift of their organisation’s thinking and behaviour. Helen Duguid brings expert knowledge from her time as Head of Great Leaders at Microsoft to help our clients implement unique and innovative solutions effectively.

The standard of excellence at Temporall is clear in every new addition to the team. We’ve recently expanded to welcome Barbara Kearney, Ellen Miller and Laurie Parma. They add a depth of experience in strategic communication, change management, leadership coaching  and neuropsychology research at the University of Cambridge.

Partnering up

Temporall wants to meet our clients where they already are, not impose fixed solutions on them. We do so effectively with our partner ecosystem, led by Commercial Director Sanjay Patel. Sanjay is driving our partner program to provide a robust experience that caters for Referral, Reseller, OEM and Integration Partners. He lends Temporall his experience from Google, where he launched the $1B ‘Maps for Business’ product.    

This exceptional team is supported by our board of directors: myself, Kim Wylie, Julian Birkinshaw and our founder Thomas Davies.

As another ex-Googler, Kim’s experience as a leader at the intersection of technology and people has made invaluable contributions. She makes sure our platform has robust, real-world applications for the challenges our clients face. Julian’s profound knowledge of strategy and organisation has been honed during his tenure as Professor and Director of the Deloitte Institute at The London Business School. His experience has not only refined our own business structure – it has provided insights which make our Culture Workbench an extraordinarily effective tool.

Thomas’ experience leading three businesses during his 10 years in leadership roles at Google brings an astute understanding of the impact company culture has on business performance.  He also has the scrappy know-how of how to grow a business at scale.

This was what ultimately led to the creation of Temporall. The passion for building human, high-performance businesses is both what we offer clients and hardwired into Temporall itself.

It’s in the DNA

Temporall’s vision is to create healthy organisations and high-performing workplaces by showing companies what makes their culture tick. With the transparency and insight provided by Culture Workbench, we help clients who want to build a strategic culture for high performance. While our team brings a diverse range of experiences, it is precisely the differences between those experiences that create a well-rounded team that is focused on customer results. It is ingrained in each member the importance of people, leadership, organisation and technology.  And that is what creates the excellence of Temporall’s own culture.

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