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by | Apr 1, 2019 | Company, Partner

Temporall, along with their partners, measure company culture so that leaders can create healthy organisations and high-performing workplaces.

At Temporall, we move organisational data from siloed teams and systems to one unified platform. Our system, Workbench, analyses data, joins the dots and empowers our clients to take strategic action which will make an impact. By continually collecting information, we create an insight loop which supports C-suite decision-making. That makes it possible to develop a high-performance culture which produces bottom-line results.

Temporall’s vision, technical capabilities and the experience of our team make it a truly exciting analytics company to be part of.  

Where are we moving to next? Best-in-class partnerships with companies who share our vision of the future. Temporall is collaborating with organisations who understand how culture impacts the bottom line and share our focus on using technology to transform traditional workplaces.

To continue helping organisations check their health in real time, we are expanding our ecosystem and I’m pleased to be introducing Temporall’s Partner Programme.

By growing our existing partnership framework, we are building a strong Partner community that will unlock new opportunities for everyone involved. We believe that bringing disparate skills and capabilities together under the same vision will create a movement which can revolutionise organisational health and workplace culture.

What do we look for in our partners?

The drive to take traditional businesses and transition them into the digital world is vital. Our partners see the new market opportunities and potential for growth in our field, and want to be part of the movement.

Temporall’s Partner Programme consists of a four tier approach where different types of partnerships exist.

  • Referral Partners: opportunities for those that want to recommend and deploy Workbench, our software platform, to their end-clients
  • Reseller Partners: additional support from Temporall to those partners that resell and deploy Workbench and who invest in a dedicated Temporall practice to support their clients on a continuing basis
  • OEM Partners: those that wish to utilize our “powered by Temporall” platform and custom recommendations engine
  • Integration Partners:Workbench connects with the industry’s most popular and widely used communication and collaboration tools including Slack, Workplace by Facebook, and Google Cloud

Why partner with Temporall?

We are building partnerships with those who share our vision of cultural analytics and see how we can mutually benefit each other in order to benefit our customers. Our differentiation is capturing real-time data and delivering meaningful information on  what’s happening in the here and now to better inform business decisions and make culture a real, measurable KPI.

If you like what we do and want to talk about how this partner ecosystem helps deliver excellent organisational culture analytics or how we can collaborate, then get in touch. Reach out to us at, and let’s work together to make culture the next business KPI.

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