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We have officially announced the general availability (GA) of Workbench. As we launch this new technology worldwide, I want to discuss the product that we’ve been working hard to refine the last two years. What can it do? And how can it change your business for the better?

Workbench is Temporall’s enterprise ready, real-time culture analytics platform. It lets executive teams continually measure their organisation’s culture through a digital, integrated toolkit.

At Temporall, we move organisational data from siloed teams and systems to a unified platform. Our system analyses this data, joins the dots and empowers you to take strategic action which will make an impact. By continually collecting information, we create an insight loop which supports C-suite decision-making and makes it possible to develop a high-performance culture which produces bottom-line results.

Our product exists to get your entire organisation aligned around your core goals.

We bring the same rigour to the impact of culture as other areas of the business, such as sales, supply chain and customer insight.

Company alignment is the golden thread that runs through each of our four key stages:

Phase one: Data acquisition

Our software gathers insight about your organisation through a range of easy, integrated channels, at scale and at pace. We break survey fatigue by using existing enterprise systems to open dialogue, generate conversations and provide immediate opportunities to engage. This can be created automatically through email and other digital internal communications methods, creating a continual feedback loop that provides real-time data.

Phase two: Assisted insight

Data is meaningless unless you apply insight. That’s why Workbench has been designed by experts in organisational science and enterprise technology. The platform uses rich data analytics and reporting, proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques to get to the bottom of what your data means. Our assisted intelligence capability means your results are bench-marked across time and you don’t waste valuable resources interpreting the data yourself.

Phase three: Take action

Insights help leaders take action. By having evidence to support intelligent decisions, leaders will change their organisation for the better, whether that’s clarifying purpose and meaning, identifying key team structures to optimise growth, or refining key company processes. And with every change, leaders can measure the impact on their organisational performance. This knowledge supports digital transformation, makes intelligent decisions about barriers to productivity and retention, and aligns employees to company strategy, turning your culture into a competitive advantage.

Phase four: Measure it

What impact did those changes have? How has it affected the company culture, and what has that done to the bottom line? We bring the same rigour to the impact of culture as other areas of the business, such as sales, supply chain and customer insight. With these reliable, repeatable statistics, we enable companies to turn their culture into a KPI.

Introducing SaaS Plus

Temporall’s Workbench isn’t just Software as a Service (SaaS). It’s SaaS Plus.

We know all of our clients have a unique company DNA, so they need a product that does exactly what they need. That’s why we meet our clients where they are. We haven’t built a one-size-fits-all platform, but a flexible product  – one which can be tailored to a bespoke solution that fits demand. That’s the Plus.

Our Culture Index Library measures different aspects of high-performance culture based on expert knowledge of organisational science. Like Workbench, it’s comprehensive and ready to go out of the box, but it can also be modified based on what a high-performance culture means to your organisation. That could mean you want a product that’s 90% SaaS and 10% Plus, or exactly the reverse. No matter how you fit the pieces together, our technology will provide an incredible data insight visualisation experience.

Our pricing structure allows our clients to buy the modules that work best for them. There is a wide range of options within each of our two subscription packages:

Foundation edition – access to the Culture & Innovation Index (CII), or selected hand-picked modules based on business need.

Premium edition – access to our full Index Library and full suite of products and capabilities.

Through our technology partnerships, Premium edition clients can integrate seamlessly into current systems and gather information naturally, authentically and without interrupting workflow.

Central to SaaS Plus flexibility is global reach and cultural specificity. Businesses in different industries and regions have different focuses and gold standards for best practice, and the technology recognises and is adaptable. As such, Culture Index is available in nine languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi (India)
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish

Technology Partnerships

To coincide with the general availability of Workbench, we are pleased to announce technology partnerships with Slack, Workplace by Facebook and Google Cloud. The partnerships enable Culture Workbench to offer enterprise integration, syndicating Temporall technology into existing productivity and communication tools.


Seamlessly integrate Workbench’s Bot to engage, gather insight and ideas from across the business via Slack. It securely captures real-time end-user feedback on organisational health, and recommendations for improvement directly from Slack Channels and Direct Messages.

Workbench’s Bot is used to continuously engage, gather insight and ideas from across an organisation within Workplace. Securely captures real-time responses and end-user feedback, and recommendations for improvement directly in Workplace Chat.

Culture Workbench utilises many of the powerful capabilities of Google Cloud and is a foundational element of the platform’s advanced data analytics and machine learning functionality. Users can integrate with G-Suite for real-time user provisioning or with Chat to gather end-user feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Looking beyond the organisation chart

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) enables you to get under the skin of an organisation. It analyses the relationships and patterns between people and the impact that individuals have on the organisation. Our platform combines quantitative, qualitative and sentiment analysis alongside ONA – something that has never been measured before.

  • Who are your local heroes that are critical to the company running smoothly?
  • Why is that person mentioned so often?
  • Which initiatives are having the most impact?
  • Who in the company do others listen to?

This is the who, what and why of how a culture operates. This information is crucial to successfully implement a digital transformation, but it’s not knowledge that typically exists in an org chart. Now, Temporall can provide it.

Get ready for the future

Temporall is leading the disruption in the cultural analytics industry with its technology innovations in ONA and enterprise-wide product integration.

But General Availability isn’t the end of our product development. In many ways it’s just the beginning. We’re now moving to monthly releases, with new updates and capabilities to keep helping you exceed your targets. We’re also developing our new Android and iOS app for launch in three months’ time to make measuring culture even easier and more convenient.

With our team of experts in organisational science and enterprise technology, Temporall will continue to produce cutting-edge software which helps companies really understand their culture, maximise their revenue and enhance business performance by transforming it for the better.

Schedule a demo or learn more here.

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