Welcoming Culture Consultancy as Temporall’s inaugural partner

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Partner

Temporall is pleased to announce Culture Consultancy as its first partner, further supporting its mission to position culture as the next critical key performance indicator for organisations. Culture Consultancy creates alignment between business strategy and the people through whom it will be delivered. Their experts specialise in organisational culture change, employee engagement and leadership development. Temporall’s platform, Culture Workbench, will complement Culture Consultancy’s existing six-stage framework for building a culture of innovation. Co-founder of Culture Consultancy, Jo Geraghty said, “It’s a real privilege to be a Temporall Partner, and to be the very first is an added bonus. It’s just a natural fit. We’ve been in operation for nearly ten years and we can now finally offer a solution that not only provides an immediate and continuous analysis of the culture of an organisation, but the hard analytics enable us to put it into context, quantify it and make it tangible for our clients. We can provide senior leaders with a solid business case for change and reveal how culture can make a difference to an organisation’s bottom line. “Can we remember a world where nobody understood the impact or importance of cyber-security? It’s hard because it’s now front of mind across all business strategy. The importance of culture is finally beginning to follow suit.” This partnership creates a powerful offering for progressive companies that are looking to innovate. Whether it’s aligning two cultures during a merger or acquisition, or supporting those that are experiencing rapid growth, Temporall and Culture Consultancy can provide a holistic and cohesive data-driven programme to support high-performance culture. And using Temporall’s Premium and Enterprise product offerings will enable continuous insight across an organisation. Thomas Davies, Founder and CEO, Temporall said, “I’m so pleased to have Culture Consultancy on board. Jo and the team are true experts in their field and I’m looking forward to working together to provide a powerful joined-up service to the market. Developing and sustaining a high-performance culture strategically positions organisations to create continuous value. With Culture Consultancy’s help, we can support even more innovative businesses improve speed, adapt, and align goals as cultural differentiators in the transient world we operate in.” The first Temporall and Culture Consultancy partnership events will take place late November 2018 and early 2019, details of which will be announced very soon. Sign up to the Temporall newsletter to find out more.

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