Introducing Temporall’s Culture Workbench Studio

by | Sep 19, 2018

At Temporall, we help executives and their leadership teams develop and sustain a strategic high-performance organisational culture. We regularly hear from executives that they understand that company culture is important, but don’t know how to benefit from it within their organisation, or how to go about making changes to improve it.

Introducing Culture Workbench Studio, a real-time culture analytics engine for executives that captures data signals, provides deep and meaningful insights to support effective decision making, strategic planning, and action.  With customised views of culture performance indicators to continuously visualise projected value creation and progress against targets.

The Culture Workbench Studio helps to meet Board needs for compliance reporting for governance, ethics & risk oversight and is available in Basic, Premium and Enterprise offerings.

Created with Temporall’s team of academics and experts in organisational science and technology, Studio uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques, and is GDPR compliant.


Data Signals

Securely and anonymously capture quantitative, qualitative and organisational network analysis data utilising the Culture & Innovation Index (CII), our proprietary culture diagnostic product that uncovers key insights from across your organisation.  Studio can also integrate data signals from 3rd-party Enterprise systems to derive deep cross-company insights.

In the Campaign Management feature create campaigns to gather key data points, schedule reminders and be notified as data is entered.  View the timeline and completion rate to monitor progress as well as measure geographical completion in world-map view.

In Premium and Enterprise versions, users can create custom indexes adjusting attribute importance based on your organisation’s needs, as well as being able to retrieve the data signals in multiple languages. Executives have the ability to create bespoke employee lifecycle surveys.

Deep Insights

With the ability to segment data through advanced filtering, comments tag, search and ranking, Studio shows culture analytics in a digestible and visual format. The self-service approach encourages users to create custom reports and explore their data gallery, which incorporates the ability to visualise organisational sentiment.

The Culture Performance Score (CPS) ® is your unique score to measure your performance in relation to people, organisation, leadership, technology, and culture. Gather and analyse deep insights into key micro attributes including inclusion, innovation, adaptability, designed for executives, leaders and managers. Identify informal organisational structures and influencers. Free text insights can be digested in English or translated to over 50+ global languages.


Strategic Action

Armed with deep insights, Executives are able to prioritise company-wide strategic actions for high-impact value creation.  Understand organisational network data that maps individual influencers (who may not always be Senior Management) within the organisation who can help accelerate change and transformation initiatives.

Create a manager view to relay team feedback and benchmarking to support personal development.

Strategic interventions can be accelerated with the support of Temporall’s team of expert Executive Advisors and partners who assist with turning insights into action.


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