1 Year On – The ROI of Culture

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Company

Last year, I left Google after 10 years, armed with memories, incredible relationships, the experience of running multiple businesses, and a deep understanding how a well designed culture can increase individual and organisational performance.

As CEO and founder of Temporall I have the good fortune of meeting CEOs and CFOs every day. I regularly hear from these executives that they understand that company culture is important, but they don’t know how they can benefit from it within their organisation, or how to go about making changes to improve it. There is an increasing appreciation that values and behaviours can lead to improved workplace motivation and belief, but the harder really impactful elements are embedding these values and behaviours into processes and systems – making the changes stick and reaping the rewards!

I started Temporall to help organisations design, measure and deliver the ROI of Culture.

One year into my Temporall journey, I’m pleased to announce the launch of our Enterprise technology platform, the Culture Workbench. The Culture Workbench has been developed and designed  by our team of expert practitioners and academics, and is the result of extensive research and iterations.

Through the Culture Workbench, the sum of individual employee contributions to a company is captured in their unique organisational Culture Performance Score (CPS). Additionally, client practitioners add key culture performance indicators to help bring a truly meaningful view of their ROI of Culture, as well as key recommendations as to how to deliver outstanding performance.

Establishing Temporall has been a great adventure so far, I’m learning new things every single day. I am extremely excited to announce the launch of the Culture Workbench and that we’re now taking our first orders!

Aside from launching our platform, I’ve also been involved in some interesting external events. I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Institute of Directors Open House about digital organisations. I also enjoyed reconnecting with some of my previous colleagues at a Xoogler event and delivered a keynote about the ROI of Culture.  We re-launched temporall.com, and I enjoyed speaking at the Shard at an event hosted by The Whitehall & Industry Group and Warwick Business School last week!

I’m very much looking forward to continuing the conversations I’ve started with many of you already, and to connecting with others who have a curiosity about how exploring the ROI of Culture could be of value to your team or organisation. Drop me a note at thomas@temporall.com or visit us at www.temporall.com

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