Temporall’s 5 Phases of creating a Culture byDesign

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Company

As Julian Birkinshaw, one of Temporall’s experts and board members, says: “To create an organisation that can change, we need a culture that supports that.

“It requires collaboration – people working across departments when previously they were stuck in silos, and it requires a capacity for taking a few more risks.”

But how exactly do we do this? Thomas Davies, CEO, says: “For us Culture byDesign , the method we use around our engagement and technology, allows people to take the path less trodden, to get them future-proofed and become the next, better version of themselves.”

Phase 1: Listen
The first phase of our engagement approach is to listen to our clients. Where are they now? Where would they like to be? What is it that they’re struggling with today?

More often than not organisations are faced with pretty strong headwinds. So whether that’s external distraction, internal inertia or technological advances, they’re stopping people delivering high business performance.

Through the listening phase, our team hears the client’s chief problems but also observes their team, how they work together and how they interact.  It is only at the completion of the Listen phase do we recommend either our Standard or Premium Culture & Innovation Index (CII) product.

Phase 2: Benchmark & Index
Through our Culture & Innovation Index (CII), Temporall looks at the four pillars of what makes an organisation tick: People, Organisation, Technology and Leadership.

The CII has been written and designed by a team of expert practitioners, executive advisors and academics who have captured what outstanding looks like in terms of culture.

Both our Standard and Premium CII products are administered to part or all of an organisation to synthesise culture against these four pillars. By distilling culture into these attributes, the CII aims to show the gap of where a company is today and where they need to grow. The CII also benchmarks the client against industry companies.

Phase 3: Advise
Once we’ve applied the CII, the Temporall team then assess the results and use the insights to assess what kind of interventions are needed.

Temporall provides the client with an Executive Report of the findings, the recommendations to move forward and an action plan for these priorities to be delivered in the Sprint Delivery phase.

Phase 4: Sprint Delivery
This is where many consultancies feel their task is complete, but not at Temporall. We believe that the client deserves not only an insightful report into their workings but should have our expertise on hand to aid its delivery.

Our sprint methodology incorporates either 30 days or 90 days, and they’re delivered by both our executive advisors and our expert practitioners; people who are the leading experts in their relevant, functional fields.

As Correy Voo, our CTO, says: “Sometimes customers love the 30-day sprint idea because it’s very quick and punchy, other customers like the 90-day or even longer idea because they’re not geared to operate that way.

“It comes down to People, Organisation, Technology and Leadership. We look at all those four aspects in the CII and we try to blend and optimise what we do in terms of a project design for those conditions.”

Phase 5: Embed
Temporall’s aim is to be able to help a company reflect, readjust then realign for the future. We believe that all companies should be able to take advantage of the advice and practices we suggest but be able to build their capabilities from within – being able to grow their people and to utilise the Culture & Innovation Index Premium or Standard in the future as necessary.

And, once they’ve done those five phases, that is when we think companies that can really work across that method can perform in an outstanding fashion.

“We can bring a very high concentration of experience in a very short period of time for a very specific engagement,” says Correy. “That’s one of the key values we bring as a company. It’s one of the main reasons why I chose to join this business because it’s they are a phenomenal group of people to work with.”

We believe our clients will benefit from not only the advice they receive but the help to make the changes necessary to let their company achieve greater things.

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