Culture trumps strategy every time

by | May 26, 2017

Since my early conversations with Temporall’s founder, Thomas Davies, I was captivated by his humanistic philosophy that “people always come first.”

I am thrilled to be working with an extraordinary team of creative industry experts, who share a vision to positively disrupt the marketplace with and for our clients. The feeling I have on joining Temporall is uncannily similar to how I felt in the early years at Microsoft: excited, curious and with an intuitive sense that great things would happen.

During my career at Microsoft I had the privilege of observing and studying some great leadbydeers (and some not so great); it was like a leadership learning laboratory. Inspired by a culture of innovation, it was an environment in which employees could thrive and flourish, whilst playing to their strengths.

At Microsoft, we saw culture as a competitive advantage. At Temporall, we see that too!  Culture is an accelerator of change, and we share an underlying belief that culture trumps strategy every time.

I have spent the last 20 years observing, consulting and coaching leaders on change and transition in many guises. Temporall’s Culture byDesign framework offers an innovative way to help businesses assess where they are today against where they want to be and, then help close the gap.

We do appreciate that changing culture can be hard. Great strategies can be resisted by strong cultures and, research states that 70% of all transformational change efforts fail, 1 so you may well say, why bother to try? Because in our experience, those executives who are courageous enough to invest the time it takes to change their culture are the ones who will thrive, not simply survive.

It’s time for a new entrant in the consulting space that will stand out from the crowd in disruptive times. Temporall helps make change easy. With our Culture byDesign Framework we can help you stand out too. Temporall’s time is now!

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