Focus on your People, then support them with Technology

by | May 16, 2017 | Company

When I first heard about Temporall, I was excited to learn that a new organisation was taking on the challenge of helping companies transform to meet contemporary business challenges and innovate in a better way – a more practically orientated, sustainable way.

Established businesses have always struggled with the question of how to be agile and shift the mindset of their organisations, to rediscover what it means to be fast and effective. To continue to be relevant companies must be re-conditioned to understand and exploit market opportunities, so they can lead not follow.

Too often I have seen organisations focus on technology to drive change, but this often results in failure to maximise any investment made. Without an organisation that is truly able to exploit it, technology remains a tool instead of becoming an asset and commonly become the source of more problems and confusion.

Temporall’s approach is founded on applying proven industry experience and principles from a range of disciplines to help companies organise the change factors relating to people, processes, technology, and market forces. This helps achieve tangible, measurable, improvements and develops an adaptive mindset so they can deal with changing demands and influences.

The answer to every business problem isn’t always the initiation of a Digital program, nor is it Big Data, nor the Cloud etc. I strongly believe that people must come first in every major business change and everything else follows. Investing in technology for technology’s sake has never worked and in many cases, adds complexity to an already complex situation.

While Google, Amazon, Facebook and others are typically considered to be the benchmark of modern innovative businesses, the reality is that every business can be a little bit like these companies if they choose to. If organisations design change in an integrated and harmonised fashion transformations don’t have to be complicated. The truth is that organisational transformation can be simple, if we choose to make it simple and to focus on priorities.

I wish Temporall was around when I was working in corporate enterprise – if it had been, my life would have been a lot easier. We would have been able to exploit innovation in a far better, more relevant way and one that supported our visions, strategies and ambitions.

Mature organisations (of all sizes) often have the tendency to rely upon process, controls and governance as safety nets for not making the difficult – obvious – decisions. Most people abhor change and have a conditioned tendency to avoid questioning legacy.

As one of my very first managers used to say:

“God was only able to create the world in forty days because he didn’t have any legacy to deal with”…

Change is natural in any system and organisations are indeed ‘systems’ that have ‘instruction sets’ which occasionally require re-programming.

Temporall’s Culture byDesign framework has a simple philosophy, focusing on the essential elements of Business Identity, Vision, Strategy and Execution. It supports organisational change with a set of proven tools, expertise and a highly experienced team. Temporall helps clients close the gap between where they are today and where they ultimately want to be.

I am excited to help build Temporall and work with a team formed with a common vision for delivering effective organisational change. I look forward to helping organisations find a better way.

Thomas Daviws

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