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What is the ROI of Culture and what’s my payback?

Thomas Davies

18 June 2018

This is the question I am asked daily by the CEOs and CFOs that I meet. Here’s my answer: it’s a continuous and measurable view of your organisation to drive more informed decisions and increase your business performance. The next question is always ‘and how can I actually do it?’. Now I am finally able to answer this one too: last week we at Temporall launched the Culture Workbench, the first Culture Analytics enterprise software platform. At the Institute of Directors (IOD) in London we demonstrated to 70 executives how our platform can help clients design, manage, measure and report on organisational culture.

Today many organisations ‘measure’ culture by measuring employee engagement, we think this is only one of twelve culture indicators that should in fact be measured. At Temporall we have spent the past eighteen months deconstructing and then reconstructing what organisational culture is and the value it can bring. We believe that less than 5% of organisations effectively use culture to drive business performance, why at a time when productivity and value creation is at a premium is this so low? The ambiguity of what organisational culture is, the unknown ROI that is can bring, how it can be delivered, and in what order are all things that we understand and our clients want to benefit from.

I had the pleasure of welcoming Stuart Simms, the President of Rakuten Marketing on stage with me to present his story. Stuart is passionate about the importance of investing in culture and continuously measuring this. When a client says this about your platform and team we think it’s a pretty good start, enjoy Stuart’s Blog.

Read Stuart’s Blog here

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