Temporall Services Organisation

The team at Temporall will help you design, set-up, deliver and analyse all aspects of your project. We have world-class expertise in both organisational and data science as well as communications experts, learning & development practitioners and organisational design and change expertise, to guide you through every stage.

Our Engagement Approach


We partner with you to identify your current organisational challenges, the cultural norms and behaviours that you’d like to change and the technology, processes and systems that are currently being used. This allows us to tailor the CII survey to your needs, to identify other relevant data sources to integrate into the Studio and to agree the Culture Performance Indicators (CPIs) most likely to contribute to Return on Investment.


Our communications experts are able to advise on the best way to support the roll-out and implementation of the CII in your organisation, and we provide continuous real-time updates on the diagnostic process.


Through a combination of our expert teams and machine learning systems we analyse the outputs of the CII to derive quantitative and qualitative insight. We provide you with a detailed Data Gallery of science, scoring and sentiment results and an overall numerical benchmark, the ‘CPS score’. This synthesis includes recommendations which will have immediate and long-lasting impact on your organisational culture. Using the Studio you can interrogate the Data Gallery, segment the results to suit your needs, and produce customised reports and visualisations


We work closely with our clients to ensure that the CII and Culture Workbench are introduced to your organisation in the most effective and impactful way.

  • Culture byDesign
  • Define CII / 3rd Party data sources
  • Identity Culture Performance Indicators (CPIs) to measure Return on Investment
  • Agree communications cadence
  • Select CII or custom diagnostic
  • Custom attribute weighting
  • Configure CII and CSV integration
  • Deliver Culture & Innovation Index (CII)
  • Support diagnostic communications
  • Real-time client updates on diagnostic progress
  • Deliver Culture & Innovation Index (CII)
  • Generate 'Science', 'Scoring' & 'Sentiment' Data Gallery
  • Deliver prioritised Observations & Recommendations
  • Create project assets
  • Premium TSO Services
  • Custom reports
  • Custom templates
  • Programme strategy / communication
  • Quarterly Roadmap updates


Temporall aims to guide organisations into a wholly owned ‘Ours’ style of culture. The Embed phase includes use of our technology reporting and dashboard systems to be monitored and actioned by your team to sustain a high Culture Performance Score (CPS). Our Embed phase recalibrates the progress that has been made through the Sprints, draws on an action plan that can be completed in the organisation.

With the help of the Culture Workbench, organisations can continue to design, measure and deliver their CPS to reach and sustain outstanding business performance by building their capabilities from within.


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