Temporall Advisory Services

Our advisory framework incorporates a 5 phase methodology: Listen, Index and Benchmark, Advise, Sprint Delivery and Embed. Temporall’s Executive Advisors lead the client engagement with support from Expert Practitioners and the Culture Workbench.

Our Engagement Approach


The first phase of our engagement approach is to Listen. We work with you to understand where you are right now in terms of performance, cultural shape, the goals of the organisation and what technology and systems are currently being used. We hold Executive interviews, talk to different employees and gather key perspectives on culture and organisational performance. Only when we have completed an initial synthesis of all the information will we then recommend possible approaches.


The CII is Temporall’s unique Index and Benchmark tool, designed to assess and identify how your company culture can be designed to deliver outstanding business performance. The CII examines People, Organisation, Technology and Leadership attributes and is captured along with your Culture Performance Indicators.

Through a combination of our expert teams and machine learning systems we derive quantitative and qualitative insight and a numerical benchmark that allows us to provide actionable insight and recommendations to execute.


The Advise stage is anchored on providing actionable insight for you. Our Executive Report clearly describes and visualises our clients’ index and benchmark position, your Culture Performance Score (CPS) and provides a detailed report and a series of precise recommendations to help close the gap to outstanding business performance and deliver the ROI of Culture.


Once the synthesis has taken place, we may recommend different length sprints to help deliver results. These sprints often fall into the categories of People, Leadership, Organisation and Technology.


Business & Executive Coaching

Team Coaching


Adaptive Leadership

Future Managers


OKRs for Performance

Hiring for Fit


Target Operating Model

Machine Learning for Organisational Performance

Technology Strategy Review


Temporall aims to guide organisations into a wholly owned ‘Ours’ style of culture. The Embed phase includes use of our technology reporting and dashboard systems to be monitored and actioned by your team to sustain a high Culture Performance Score (CPS). Our Embed phase recalibrates the progress that has been made through the Sprints, draws on an action plan that can be completed in the organisation.

With the help of the Culture Workbench, organisations can continue to design, measure and deliver their CPS to reach and sustain outstanding business performance by building their capabilities from within.


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